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HEC-RAS is designed to perform one-dimensional hydraulic calculations for a full network ok natural and constructed channels. HEC-RAS is a free software.


HEC-RAS advances in open channel hydraulic analysis include:

• Automatic analysis of sub-critical and super-critical flow regimes in a single analysis.
• Availability of all widely used methods for bridge and culvert hydraulic analysis.


Steady Flow Water Surface Profiles


This component of the modeling system is intended for calculating water surface profiles for steady gradually varied flow.


The system can handle a full network of channels, a dendritic system, or a single river reach.


The steady flow component is capable of modeling subcritical, supercritical, and mixed flow regimes water surface profiles.

The basic computational procedure is based on the solution of the one-dimensional energy equation.


Energy losses are evaluated by friction (Manning's equation) and contraction/expansion (coefficient multiplied by the change in velocity head).


The momentum equation may be used in situations where the water surface profile is rapidly varied.


These situations include mixed flow regime calculations (i.e., hydraulic jumps), hydraulics of bridges, and evaluating profiles at river confluences (stream junctions).


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